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research reveals mistrust and hostility btw drs & midwives,unwed mothers

well , duh! but worth a read....and kudos to the researchers for looking at the subject!

national womens health week was last week but its not too late to take charge of your own health. the theme this year was "it's your time" and the focus was mental health. heres a brochure put out by the us dept of health and human services office on womens health lotsa good tips in there

this is not really news. i think it was reported as part of the most recent report on childbirth numbers which i'm totally blanking on the name of but last week the washington post reported that the number of babies born to unwed mothers is on the rise
i do'nt really know wha tt to think about the tone of the article... while i believe marrige is a great thing and i'm very happy that this, my 3rd child was concieved and will be born and raised in wedlock, i sure wouldn't marry the father of my first child. (my second is obviously being raised in wedlock as i married his dad but he was neither concieved nor born in it) i don't think marriage is the most important factor contributing to a kids future sucess... now a stable 2 parent home has been shown to lead to bettter outcomes for kids, i don't think many people would argue that thats better for kids BUT does that necesssarily require marrige?

what about kids who live with mom and dad, but mom and dad are not married? what about kids who live with mom and mom? or dad and dad? the preceding two examples of a stable 2 parent home CANNOT get married except in certain states...

i have heard of hetero couples who are rejecting marrige in solidarity with their homo friends and family who do not have the right to get married. also people who reject marrige by the state b/c of deeply held beliefs regarding state interference in what for them is either a private or a religious matter, or both. what of them?

additionally many women who are single parents are not single by choice (though some arre) ... some were abandoned by their boyfriends, some are pregnant because of rape or incest, some have left abusive relationships because having a child was the impetus they needed to get out of an unhealthy situation.

what of married mothers whos husbands are out of the home for extended periods of time such as soldiers on deployment or similar?

i just don't get all the hand-wringing that is going on over this!

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