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fda approves drug made from genetically modified goatmilk

im a little late on this one since it was announced in februarybut : "The intravenous therapy, ATryn, is purified from the milk of goats whose parents were injected with a human protein that helps prevent blood clots, GTC said today in a statement. The drug will be used for surgery patients or expectant mothers who have a rare genetic disorder that keeps them from making enough of the protein, called antithrombin. " and heres a slightly more in depth article from the nyt

a short piece in praise of epidurals i had one with my first and didn't like it. nobody told me i'd be cathetered for one thing and that HURT. but i felt i'd be remiss if i didn't throw that in here

heres a quick link to the hypnobabies blog not a method i am very familiar with but something i know folks are interested in. the first post i saw about the compatability of hypnobabies and christianity was interesting though i've occaisionally read articles that hypnosis is unchristian and this post did a good job of refuting that while pointing out that the monagan method used in hypnobirthing is a lot more "woo" here are a few comparisons btw the 2
seems like most of the people felt that hypnobabies was more comprehensive

heres some legislation thats pending in south carolina "Rep. Greg Delleney of Chester, the General Assembly’s most outspoken abortion foe, gained initial approval Thursday to require doctors to save any fetus that survives an abortion. The bill, which unanimously passed a House subcommittee Delleney chairs, is aimed at rewriting state law to recognize the “personhood” of the unborn.
If the bill becomes law, a person would be redefined as anyone at any stage of development who is breathing, has a heartbeat, a pulsation of the umbilical cord or definite movement of voluntary muscles after birth, whether that be by labor, Cesarean section or abortion.
Delleney says it has wider implications than just for abortion clinics."

guesss its time to close, gotta figure out supper

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