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medical neglect, international news, bad dr, nunchal cords, and cord clamping

not technically birthy but definately parenting related.... (could come up in various birthing situations though i.e. ct ordered cesarean type cases, vaccinations which start at birth now with the hep b ) anyway heres a link to an article from newsweek

something from south africa on the importance of female assistants for pre-natal care and at birth

heres a whole article about the retirement of a childbirth educator how awesome that she was valued that much to be written up.!

and its so interesting when everybody posts on the same topic:
here are 3 blogs posting on delayed cord clamping

these just after i stumbled onto this

i had decided to wait until the placenta is born to cut the cord for my upcoming birth already but it was neat to read ... and informative to read some of the arguments against delayd cord clamping (which you'll find primarily in the comments )

and ugh!,0,5086891.story ""Eighty percent of complications in childbirth are psychological," he said. "Babies can be killed by a mother's attitude."

and heres something new to research "nunchal cord" heres a quick link to a blog post about it but there are quite a few dissenting comments so...

well suppers ready so...

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  1. Great round up. I totally agree that that the quote from the doctor was totally ugh! about the 80% of complications being psychological. But, did you follow the links about his practice? He is part of a 10 doctor team that does homebirths in Chicago. I did not know of any physicians that attended homebirths. I find that exciting.