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Book Review - "So That's What They're For"

Just wanted to pass along my review of the book "So That's What They're For" by Janet Tamaro.

This is the best breastfeeding book I have read yet. It's so down to earth while presenting clinically accurate info. Was a bit heavy handed regarding alcohol/drug intake while nursing but other than that, GREAT! Everybody who works with mothers and mothers-to-be should have several copies for lending.

I was pleased to see two new books at my local library also. They've aquired a copy of "Adventures in Tandem Nursing"

I haven't read this one but I think its great the Library has recognized how common it is to find yourself contemplating the idea anyway.

They also have a new edition of "Hypnobirthing: The Monegan Method"


dads, doulas and birth

Been thinking about dads and birth lately. Started with this article where Orlando Bloom joked that he wanted an epidural during his wife's recent birth.

Then @nashvillebirth tweeted a link to her article about doulas and dads .

And who can forget Childbirth Ed .