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"I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin" no babies"

The LA times recently spotlighted a study led by Dr Michael Klein which shows most women don't know much about childbirth.

In particular over 15% of the 1,318 women who were part of the study answered "I don't know" to 8 questions about the risks and benefits of 3 common interventions: epidural anethesia, cesarean section, and episiotomy. While much of the commentary I read seems to point the blame for this ignorance on the women themselves I believe Doctors must bear a large portion of blame. Doctors practice with an obligation to provide informed consent and informed refusal to their patients.

It is interesting to note that fewer women under the care of midwives gave "I don't know" as a response.

In a follow up piece I'll shed some light on the interventions that recieved IDK responses.