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in-box cleaning (too many of my post have this title) :)

some cool stuff i've found today

first up a letter to the editor in a semi-local to me paper it will be interesting to watch as the comments multiply. heres the original article btw the title is Baby girl born just outside hospital and oh my at the comments on that one

heres something interesting from the uk
‘‘You can’t handle the truth’’; medical paternalism and prenatal alcohol use this is a fascinating read and delves into some suprising links in some research btw better outcomes for children born to light drinkers, and how the hesitancy to just say "we don't know what the 'safe' level of alcohol consumption during pregancy is" is disrespectful to women's right to information....while it is easier to just say "no alcohol during pregnancy" it would make more sense to present the evidence and let women decid for themselves

heres some news about ritalin and the like (not super birthy but relavent to those of you already parenting wee ones ) this is just a summary article but heres a more in depth look

and this article states that "Researchers say the number of couples who are taking childbirth education classes is declining. With couples having busy schedules, many of those who choose the classes are opting for a single all day “crash course” rather than consecutive weekly sessions. In addition, the internet can provide expectant parents with plenty of information, pictures and videos to see first hand the labor and delivery process. " they didn't offer any references though. as a childbirth educator i obviously don't want to hear that fewer couples are taking classes though with all the information you can find on your own i can understand it.

lots of good comments on this blog post 16 Why Would Women Want to Experience Natural Childbirth? homesite here a new resource to me

also here are all the entries for the birth matters virginia video contest i need to watch and vote and so do you :)

ok well its a long post w/ lotsa links so i'll end it for now.... one of the wee ones wants the computer anyway

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