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international day of the midwife

well there are about 20 minutes left in the day so i thought i'd take a minute to post some of my favorite midwifery sites on the net

this is a new one to me the home of the international confederation of midwives. this is the organization behind the day.

here are a few things i found googling "international day of the midwife"

something neat here and from the same person, a slideshow and here is a table of online events planned for the day

some midwifery organizations:

midwives alliance of north america
north american registry of midwives
citizens for midwifery
national association of certified proffesional midwives
midwifery today

midwifery blogs:

and heres one thats not midwifery related but an awesome couse nonetheless

i'll have to fluff this out some more after the kids get to bed.....

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