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Big Push For Midwives Issue Briefing This Thursday

This Thursday the big push is hosting an issue briefing to tell congress why out of hospital maternity care must be factored into the national healthcare reform platform.

"Help the PushNation rise up to tell Congress about how access to out-of-hospital maternity care and Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs), who are specially trained to provide it, are a top priority in national health care reform! Help alert Congress to the Capitol Hill Issue Briefing on Thursday, May 21, focused on how out-of-hospital maternity care reduces costs and improves outcomes. "

TO GET STARTED: Download the specific-to-your-state information below.
DON'T SEE YOUR STATE?: Use this link to determine your ZIP+four code, and then this link type in your ZIP+four code to determine your U.S. Representative. ... Also, this link can help identify your U.S. Senators. Then you can use any of the other states documents below to help guide you from there.
TO SHARE: Send a link to this page to all your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, as well as others in your personal and professional networks, with an urgent note on why this is so important to you, and why they should help too, today.
TO SHARE EVEN MORE: 1) Download the flier and include in your emails to others, and 2) Share key information about the briefing on your blogs and organizational websites, and to your e-lists.
TO JOIN THE CAUSE: 1) Make sure you've signed up for PushAlerts on this page 2) Make sure you've joined us on Facebook, and 3) Check out the state-level advococy orgs hard at work in your state. ... You may even consider joining one of them too

AND HERES MORE DETAILED INFO from the arizona specific flyer but just insert your state info from the above links[PushAlert]+DC+Birth+Briefing+5-21-09+for+ARIZONA.pdf

this just gives some suggested talking points and other tips


  1. Interesting to see campaigns for midwives going on all over the world - the campaign in Australia is hotting up and starting to get results. Good luck to you.