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i haven't yet filled out my last post but here goes another anyway

so may 5 is international day of the midwife
super exciting! don't know that i'll do a whole lot to celebrate besides posting something on my facebook, and doing a nice entry here ..... maybe detailing the different kinds of midwives? the theme is "the woeld needs midwives now more than ever"

interesting. at ican one of the most controversial statements i hear was during the q&a w/ the writer/director/producer of pregnant in america suggested that everyone in the audience who wanted to go into midwifery go into l&d nursing instead b/c that was where they were really needed. he was just making a point about the lack of support that so many women who choose hospital birth have but at the same time i think everybody disagreed.

i can't say i haven't thought about l&d nursing as an alternative to midwifery. partly b/c of that. i mean i am the only person i know who has used a midwife. or delivered anywhere other than the hospital.

i think midwives are needed. but they need to be legally recognized, adequately compensated, and a real option for women. i'm driving 2 hours one way to all my prenatals and evetually to birth....not everybody can do that. there are only a handful of certified nurse-midwives in my state and direct-entry midwives, whether narm certified or not, are not legaly recognized health care providers here, so unless you can pay out of pocket for birth, you don't have many options.

so ithink its much more than just needing midwives.

of course its an international thing so in a lot places it is a different situation.

well supper is nearly ready so i'll close for now. and i will get back to the previous post eventually :lol

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