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vit d, response to the case against breastfeeding, call for public comments on breastfeeding

so now they're linking vitamin d deficiency with the increased rate of cesarean.... heres a post from amy at birthing with confidence that gives some additional critique to the study. (i loved everything i read on this blog was a new one to me but now on my favorites list) i'm no expert at reading or critiquing scientific studies, but it seems to me that good nutrition during pregnancy is common sense.

are women more likely to be d deficient now? maybe since we're supposed to wear sunblock all the time.....i learned in my lactation class that 20 minutes in the sun was good for, well i don't remember the exact figure but quite a lot of vit d. and whats more it can be split up over the course of a day.

heres a reply to the case against breastfeeding that i really liked,0,1912282.story obviously i'm pro breastfeeding. actually like i said to my dad (in reference to nursing in public ) " no body is really against breastfeeding are they?" and i think rosin really should have written a different article......maybe the case against promoting breastfeeding without also protecting and supporting it?

but i do agree that breastfeeding doesn't have to be an all or nothing least after a while. once you get a good supply established, good latch, all the basics....if it will really make that much difference to your own health and well being to use an alternate feeding method sometimes, well mama's health and happiness is directly realted to her babies health and hapiness. thats why its called the mother baby dyad.

speaking of breastfeeding health and human services has issued a call for public comments

heres some unsurprising news related to women and health insurance i was just talking with a customer at work about basically this very subject. she paid $60 out of pocket for bcp....not coincidentally her company does not offer paid maternity leave either....

and heres a new study about birth control pills

it shows that bcps reduce muscle mass gain. interesting stuff considering how common use of oral contraceptives is.

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