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April is Cesarean Awareness Month

First off from my inbox today, courtesy nursingbirth at top 8 ways to have an unecessary cesarean. this is an addition to the top 7 ways to have an unecessay cesarean found here

have to say i agree with every single point made

have to give the flipside though and let you know how to avoid an unecesarean....

1 labor at home as long as possible
2 eat and drink as needed during labor

did you know a recent study suggests that eating and drinking lightly during labor is ok?

3 labor in whatever position you want too
4 push when and how you feel like it
5 birth at home or in a freestanding birth center

see this study for homebirth cesarean rates;330/7505/1416
and this from citizens for midwifery

those are just off the top of my head

i'm sure there are more..... post your best tips on the comments

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