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still stuck on maternity leave

well i'm still reading about maternity leave though i've realized that as primary breadwinner in my family a lot of what is out there doesn't apply to me....
not necessarily specifically re maternity leave but related things like sick leave....which i rarely use b/c if the kids are sick, well the hubster is home anyway so its not like i have to stay home

but before i get into all that, and even though io know everybody else in the birth community has already posted a link CONGRATS HATHOR!!!!

and a shout out to a new blog i just found that i really like

i found this " In an analysis of institutional factors that compel
employers to offer paid maternity and paid sick leave, sociologists Doug
Guthrie and Louise Marie Roth found that “pregnancy leave is tied to sick leave
policies within many U.S. organizations as a result of pregnancy legislation in
the 1970s and 1980s.”36 Based on a survey of more than 700 organizations, the
authors found that the percentage of women in an industry had no significant effect on paid maternity leave policies, but did have a significant effect on the probability that a firm offered paid sick leave.37 As a result, without paid sick leave, most low-income women are left with little or no paid time off after the birth of a child, and women tend to be concentrated in certain industries, like the service industry, that provides disproportionately few benefits.38"

thats from "women in the workplace: which women? which agenda?"

next on my reading list is a report from the commission on the fmla act of 1993

eventually i'll move on from this topic and back to birthy business.....though really maternity leave is pretty relevant....i assume most of us don't want to go back to work within hours of having a baby

remeber the womens basketball coach who was hailed as some sort of hero when she was out coaching literally hours after a birth?

anyways real life is calling....

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