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the continuing saga of maternity leave in the us

despite being distracted by some of my favorite blogs and i am plugging through the reports i linked to yesterday

so far i've learned that most women work well into the 3rd trimester.

i'm personally probably working through to the day i start labor even though i know recent studies suggest taking off at least 2 weeks prior to the due date decreases the chances of cesarean delivery and longer maternity leaves tend to increase the duration of breastfeeding

speaking of breastfeeding heres yet another reply to the case against breastfeeding (thank's mom's tinfoil hat ! )

and yet another linkie-poo to thank mom's tinfoil hat for:
this one is a letter supporting birthcenter legislation that i am so going to forward to all the docs in town

but now family calls and my reading and posting must wait....and i have to work the weekend so it may be a while...

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