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chinese research, other news....

had to pass this on though you may have to create an account to read the full article

heres a quote

"In a provocative set of experiments involving mice, Chinese researchers have shown for the first time that an adult mammal can harbor primitive cells in her ovaries that can become new eggs and produce healthy offspring, they reported yesterday.
While much more research is needed to confirm and explore the findings, the work raises the tantalizing possibility that it could someday lead to new ways to fight a woman's biological clock, perhaps by stockpiling her egg-producing cells or by stimulating them to make eggs again. "

and heres a story that made me mad!

as you probably know last year marked the highest number of births in the us ever. now i'm a pretty big environmentalist....i recycle, buy used, cloth diaper, etc but the joy of children far outweighs any environmental consequence in my mind....

and heres another risk of c-section deliveries....asthma

and heres something that pops up from time to time in my inbox the "natural" cesarean

can't say how i fee labout this as i've never had a section and wouldn't plan one .... i'd imagine some of these changes would be difficult to enact in an emercency cesarean, on the other hand some necessary cesareans are planned and anything to bring the experience closer to birth and further from surgery would seem to be a good thing

so i guess thats it for cleaning out my inbox :lol for now anyway :lol

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