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A Decision and A Date

My husband says I'll be able to go to school in 2012. I know that's a ways a way but it's a date. An actual time has been set when I can get on with my formal schooling. (Although I'll be gaining a new certification in the Fall....the doula grant has been approved so I'll be getting some training in that)

And I've decided. I'll be going to nursing school. Don't know yet if I'll start at the tech school with my LPN (liscensed practical nurse) or if I'll go directly back to college for my BSN(bachelor of science in nursing). My longterm goal is to become a CNM(certified nurse-midwife). I just don't know which route is going to be the best.

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to become a CPM(certified professional midwife) or a CNM but I decided I really do want to go for the CNM. I figure even though not many CNM's attend homebirth being a CNM isn't a big a barrier to attending homebirth as being a CPM is to attending hospital birth. And let's face it most births in this country take place in the hospital.

It was actually this post from Public Health Doula that helped me decide.

In the post she's talking about the pros and cons of getting a masters in public health as opposed to well anyhting else. ANd she talks about the thought process involved.

As I reflected I realized I will have more opportunity to be "with woman" WHEREVER SHE CHOOSES TO BIRTH as a CNM.

Iwould love to hear from anyone else on the journey though and hear your thought process....

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