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breastfeeding advice on the interwebz

Came across this question about induced lactation and this about breastfeeding as a smoker. I was really pleased to see that both women did get good advice but sorry to see so many answers that were flat out wrong too.

Thought this was great opportunity to point out my favorite sites for good breastfeeding advice, info and support on the web.

the breastfeeding threads on mdc
lactmed (a great site where you can look up medications to see if they are compatible with breastfeeding)
The Academy of Breastfeeding Medecine
US Breastfeeding Committee
La Leche League

Also don't overlook the possibility of in person support via La Leche League or other breastfeeding support group meetings, Lactation Consultants or Lactation Counselors (did you know if you get WIC they have peer counselors?)