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just posting links to articles today

apologies to my readers.... looks like links are not posting properly again

looks like the sue happy culture isn't a us only thing,106690.html midwives in spain are failing to renew their liscences due to a rise in negligency suits

heres a blog i came across today not specific to pregnancy/birth/postpartum but relevant nonetheless seems to give a good overview of the healthcare reform debate nd current healthcare policy and procedure

new drug, tafoxiparin for the prevention of prolonged labor during childbirth is in clinical trials
sounds like its intended to be given prophylactically?

wish i could go to this birth film festival in orlando

this post about a newspaper editor in zambia facing charges of pornagraphy for mailing a picture of a woman delivering a stillborn baby to a government oficial shows how deeply healthcare crisises affect birthing women all over the world. and how important it is to shed light on that. looks like the blog womensphere will be of interest in the future as well

and here are several links to articles about homebirth midwives in australia. you may be aware that homebirth advocates have had a rough time over there lately

well looks like the little may wake up in a minute so i guess thats it for now. hopefully will get back to it later to post more.

eventually i would like to write some thoughtful original informative insightful post but ......

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