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Surprising Sustainable Solution to Diaper Need

Huggies has commissioned a study which suprisingly shows a previously undiscovered "diaper need" problem. The Every Little Bottom study found that 1 in 3 mothers in America and 2 in 10 mothers in Canada report ever running out of diapers for their children. And running out of clean diapers constitutes "diaper need".

What I found most interesting about this study is the section on beliefs about cloth diapers. A majority of mothers (65% in both Canada and the US) believe cloth is cheaper yet most (95% US and 91% Canada) still use disposables. Yet the whole point of this study seems to be based on the economy of diapers.

I think the more telling statistics are the beliefs about the convenience and acceptance of sposies vs. cloth. A large majority believe that cloth is less convenient and difficult to use if there is not an in-home washer/dryer. A small number of moms also believe that daycare and laundrymats will not accept cloth diapers.

I'm here to say that cloth is much more convenient for me. I never have to make an emergency run to the store. We have not always had a washer/dryer at home so I've washed my diapers in laundrymats many times over the 5ish years that I've been using cloth. Theres not generally an attendant and I've never seen a sign to indicate that I was breaking any rules anyway.

Neither of my two cloth diapered babies have been to daycare so I can't speak personally to that issue but here is a great resource for anyone who needs it. The Real Diaper Association has put together a list of cloth friendly daycare providers and a tip sheet for introducing cloth if your provider is new to the concept.

A lot of people point out the initial investment required with cloth. I was lucky enough to be gifted 12 prefolds and 3 covers when I started. And then someone else gave me 3 fitted dipes. You can always request cloth for baby gifts. I added to my stash little by little. I bought mostly used diapers. Altogether I've spent $300-$400 spread out over 5 years, to diaper two kids.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about a cloth solution to diaper need :)

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