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Bloggin' Bloggin'

Many gracious thanks to THE RAMONES for inspiration on this. See original "Touring" lyrics here.

We ll we've blogged about bellies ,breasts ,babies and birth ,
vaccines and circumcisionin and midwifery legislation too

The hits all come from miles around
The tweeps meet up anytime they're around
My recliner's the only place I go
I know I know I know

Cyberspace is alive mommybloggers got the power baby
Cruise the information highway at 500 gigs an hour baby
Got wi-fi and a latte man this post is sublime
about letting the kids go up the down slide

Lets go! MommyBlog, everybody c'mon
Lets go! Mommy Blog, everybody c'mon now

Blogging, Blogging is never boring
Blogging, Blogging is never boring
Blogging, Blogging is never boring
Blogging, Blogging, oh baby, Blogging
Especially with your sisters on the journey
Blogging, Blogging about it all

Well we've blogged about the issues we hold dear
And we've met those for and against
No its not hard not far to reach
You can advocate for any cause you please
Feminism, Lactivism, Intactivism,Birth Activism those are my deal
I hope you find yours and blog with zeal

My laptop is my soapbox I know I know I know

So lets go! Lets go! Lets go! 500 miles to Mexico
Lets go! Lets go! Lets go! 200 miles to Tokyo
Lets go! Lets go! Lets go! Lets go!

Type, type, type the night away
straight on through to the break of day
type, type type the night away
Well it's in your blood, it's in your blood

Bloggin' Bloggin'...
Bloggin' Bloggin', all around the world
Bloggin' Bloggin', all aroung the world
Bloggin' Bloggin' all around the world

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