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trying to start good habits

Once again I am cleaning my in-box of old e-mails. This has been a huge problem for me so I'm posting even though this isn't especially birthy.

I changed my settings on face book so i don't get a new e-mail everytime anybody sneezes ( :lol)

I unsubscribed to a few newsletters i'm not really interested in anymore.

Hopefully these small steps will help keep it from getting to the point its at now ever again.

Also while going through whats left. i'm doing by the page. I just click "select all" then QUICKLY skim the titles/senders. Very little is making the cut to even be read. Much of what I bother to read can be deleted. And that which I really want to keep I'm labeling into folders so I can find it later.


(although i admit i just did a huge step tonight. i have halved my inbox. down from 4000+)

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