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mailbox monday #1

here it is the 1st installment in mailbox mondays! i'll be checking my e-mail every monday (which is significantly more often than i have been doing it) and posting links to all the good stuff.

i'm working backwards so the first few rounds are mostly going to be a few months back but hopefully it will become more current as i weed through.

1st up, an awesome resource the national partnership for women and families. they put out a daily report on women's health that you can sign up for here (this link takes you to the days report, scroll all the way down to the bottom to subscribe)

and on to this article which is about the lack of consideration given to women's health in judical decisions the article is based on this study heres a quote from the abstract:

" judges regularly -- and often inaccurately -- cite the theoretical availability of alternative reproductive health services as proof that women's health will not suffer even if a law curtailing reproductive rights is upheld. I label this the "availability tool." Second, when alternatives are not available, decisions may blame women for the lack of availability. I call this the "culpability tool." Application of the availability and culpability tools in reproductive health cases can result in a truncated analysis of how laws impact women's reproductive health. "

heres an article about egg donation and possible risks to donors,8599,1888459-1,00.html heres a quick quote:

"Right now egg donors are treated like vendors, not as patients. Patients need to be followed up," says internist Jennifer Schneider, who has been advocating for the government to track egg donors since 2007, a few years after her daughter, a three-time egg donor, died of colon cancer at age 31. "After the first few days of being discharged from the IVF clinic and seeing that there were no immediate consequences, they are never contacted again."

here is an awesome blog entry about the cyclical nature of womanhood and the disservice we do ourself in not respecting our rites of passage

just found a new blog to keep up with. this one written by a cnm in training go check it out ya'll

a new study shows that women feel ignorant and uninformed re pregnancy and childbirth:
attributes this to hospital birth and geographic mobility

ok so i guess thats it for this mondays edition....

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