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poor neglected blog

haven't posted too much lately....the bigger i get the less motivated i am to do it

but have bben stewing on somethings posted on you tube and birth videos.the nyt ran an article recently about the trend of posting birth videos and then kneelingwoman ( ) posted some thoughts as to thefact that so many of us in the natural childbirth community claim birth as a sacred and private act and the contradictions inherent in posting a "private" act on the internet.

heavy stuff to be thnking about. i doubt i would post a birth video on you tube myself...the hubster is too private for me to be able to do that. i know its my body but yk its his baby too....

but there are some beautifule videos posted. here are some of my favorites:

well i thought i had more favorited than i did but go searching.....

other thoughts, i have started the first of the childbirth education series....plan to work on it some more this weekend, and i'll also check my email and post whatever turns up in the inbox that's interesting

oh and one more thought...the pharmacists yesterday made the mistake of saying that for most women who have sexual problems its psychological...i called bullshit on that but now i need to do some research to back myself up. will share when i find it...

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